Keys to People Reading for Blissful Relationships Part 2

A BLISS-FILLED life starts with understanding ourselves and finding those points of harmony we share with every other human being. It is made easier when we also know how to recognize the styles of those others around us so that we can be authentic and allow others to be exactly who they are and to acknowledge what we love about them!


DISC helps you to identify observable patterns in others so you can tell what their needs, emotions, and fears are. Then you can harmonize your communication with their favored style to create more blissful relationships. In this call, we will discuss those observable patterns so you can start to read people and have the kinds of relationships you most desire.


Carol Dysart has a Masters in Counseling, and is what her clients call a “DISC Master”, She has been in business for herself for almost 4 decades doing consulting, training, and sales/marketing, and her favorite thing to do is to help people monetize who they are and what “lights them up!” People call her a “connector.”


Part 2 of my discussion with Carol Dysart was very enlightening. She talked more about how to use DISC to improve our lives in relationships.


Some of my favorite takeaways were:


  • How to make other people feel special from the instant you meet them, Seen, heard, valued.
  • Understanding someone’s needs, emotions fears through their voice usage (speed, variance, pitch, loudness), and their eye contact and body language.
  • The cultural impact on how we express ourselves and what we need.