Fearless Bliss

I was having dinner with my husband Dave the other night and I needed some input regarding a summit interview I’m doing this week.  The host of the Power Talk Summit wants me to tell a story about a time I was fearless.  I know what story I would love tell but I’m wasn’t sure how it would land.  I loved the conversation he and I had and wanted to share it.

Dave told me that he sees me as incredibly fearless.  Not because I don’t have fear, but because I have fear and am able to consistently get past it.  That’s interesting isn’t it?  I too believe that what separates joyful people from everyone else is how they deal with fear.  A joyful person understands that fear is a part of life.  It’s part of our survival instinct, and it also tells us we are stretching past our comfort zone.  If you are able to acknowledge your fear, but not get stuck in it, you will live a more exhilarating, exciting, and successful life.

The problem is that most people get stuck in their fear.  Some people even live their entire lives living in fear.  And maybe they’ve even got good reason to be afraid.  But the thing is if you live in fear, you will never be able to enjoy true joy.  Fear will weigh you down and you will never be able to reach the height of joy that is possible for you.

Interestingly, just the next day I was asked to do something that really scared me.  I was asked to speak at a conference where there will be about 1000 people in the audience.  My stomach clamped up and I immediately wanted to say no.  But I took a couple of deep breaths and saw the look in my husband’s eyes as he told me I was fearless.  I smiled and told the producer I’d love to speak at his event.  Fear still pokes it’s head into my life to make sure I’m paying attention.  Overcoming it reinforces that I am capable, I am blissful, I am fearless!

If you’d like to hear me speak on the Power Talk Summit about being Fearless, go to this link.


You’ll hear some great inspirational interviews and learn a lot about how to communicate and live joyfully through the fear.