Keys to People Reading for Blissful Relationships – Part 1

On a recent episode of Bliss Bits I had the opportunity to speak with Carol Dysart, this conversation spoke to me and I felt it was important to spread this message further, as it’s something that can benefit us all Carol has a Masters in Counseling, and is what her clients call a “DISC Master”, She has been in business for herself for almost 4 decades doing consulting, training, and sales/marketing, and her favorite thing to do is to help people monetize who they are and what “lights them up!” People call her a “connector” and it’s not hard to see why.  During this conversation, Carol touch on some key points that I thought were relevant to each of us in helping us build stronger more blissful relationships.

Some of the Key Points Carol touched on were:

  • If you don’t understand that everyone has a different style, you fall into the trap of thinking everyone will and should think and act like you. This can cause huge frustration and conflict in relationships and can cause you a lot of personal unhappiness.
  • The biggest cost of not understanding your own style and how you related to people is broken relationships. Unless you understand yourself, you won’t be able to understand others.
  • DISC can really help you understand what kind of career path to follow. And if you are currently unhappy with your job or business, it will help you understand why.

If you’d like to listen to my conversation with Carol in its entirety click the link below.

Keys to People Reading for Blissful Relationships Part 1 Interview