How I Learned About Unadulterated Bliss From My Dog

Tonight I was prepping to feed Pom Frite (pronounced Pom Freet), my 6 pound blonde pomeranian, and he just couldn’t contain himself. He rarely barks but when it’s feeding time he goes nuts.  He gets so excited he jumps around so all 4 paws barely touch the ground. Then, he does his little invitation to play crouch and barks like a crazy pup.  And this happens every single day, twice a day.  How can he be so excited about something that happens that often?


But I must say, it’s a true delight to feed him.  It makes me laugh out loud and totally makes my day.  And each time I think to myself, what if I got that excited every time I ate?  What if I got that excited about anything?  What would life be like?  The thing is I DO get that excited about things, but I don’t always express it with such abandon.


How about you?  Do you ever get that excited about something?  And if so, do you express it with that much joy?  If not, why not?  I know we think others might judge, but seriously, who cares?  If you can feel that much joy in your life, let them judge!!  I’d rather be ecstatic and judged than normal and judged anyway.  Right?  Let’s face it.  Everyone has an opinion.  Most people we know have an opinion about us anyway.  We might as well have people around us that like us when we are expressing true, unadulterated joy.  That will free us up to express it more.  And if we express it more, we allow ourselves to feel it more.


My husband and I have an inside joke.  He will often text or email me “I love you more…than Pom Frite loves food.”  Now that’s some serious love.  I love him that much too.  And every once in awhile we do a Pom Frite demonstration of our love.  No, we don’t bark.  But we do dance about when the other person gets home.  I know it’s silly, but it’s so much fun!  I also have a little happy dance I do when I love what I’m eating.  And I do it no matter where I am: at my in-laws, at a restaurant, or at home.  For a while I’d stopped doing that happy dance because people thought I was weird.  But after getting Pom Frite, I’ve re-instated it.  I don’t care what anyone thinks.  I want to experience my life with that kind of joy as often as possible.  And I go one step farther.  I actually make myself excited about things.


I love that feeling so much, I actually create that feeling inside myself.  It’s so much fun and makes life so much more interesting.  You should try it.  Try getting really excited about your next meal.  So excited that by the time you sit down in front of it, you are practically falling off the chair with excitement.  And when you take that first bite, do a little wiggly happy dance in your chair.  See how good that feels.  And then find other reasons to experience that level of joy in your life.  Try it.  You might like it.  It could even become a very good new bliss habit for you!  If it does, boy oh boy, your life will never be the same! I thank Pom Frite daily for reminding me how joyful my life can be.  Now we’re off to go play together.  Have an ecstatic day!