The Secret To Staying Energized


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Have you ever considered exactly why you run out of steam around completing the projects in your business? When I start losing steam or find that I’m not feeling as powerfully influential as I would like to be, I take some time to get clarity on what is most important in my the process and my business.


I know this is easier said than done, so I asked Moneeka Sawyer, creator of Bliss Bits, for her secret weapon for always being able to steer myself back into clarity. She says, “The secret is to focus on your WHY.” This isn’t a mission or vision statement. It’s a feeling. It’s something that bubbles inside of you and when you give it your focused attention it fills you up with the energy of excitement, passion, and power that keeps you going.


If you don’t know your why Moneeka suggests that we ask ourselves these insightful questions; What are my dreams for this business? What is the dream I’m too afraid to dream? What is the dream I would never admit to anyone else? As you go through each question write whatever comes to mind as fast as you can. Be completely honest with yourself.


This is your big WHY. Accept it and commit to yourself that you are going to pursue your real WHY. Not the one that sounds good, makes sense, or seems achievable.


To keep your WHY in mind write it down each morning, then read it first thing when you get to your office out loud. Moneeka says, “ It’s important to keep you WHY statement handy so that as you make important decisions about what you spend your time on, you can make those decisions based on your big WHY and when you’re out talking about your business, mission, or vision, you will be so inspired, your influence on those around you will soar.”


You can learn more and interact with Moneeka Sawyer on the Bliss Bits, half hour show when she shares bits of wisdom about how to live a blissful life and topics such as your BIG WHY. 


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