Happy 2017!

Can you believe a new year is underway?  I love the feeling of starting new, knowing that I can do anything I set my mind to, and that the opportunities are endless.  How’s your goal setting coming? Making goals can be exciting and scary at the same time! Trying to become better always takes a leap of faith, a leap of faith in you! The idea that you can choose to live a better life and make better choices for yourself requires an amount of trust in your ability and potential.  If you have reached a state of bliss where you are emotionally ready to make changes, then you will be better able to manage the changes.

How To Set Goals

Many goals fail because they are too big.  Many fail because the person doesn’t believe in him or herself.  And others fail because the goal setter is afraid of success or failure!  To set a successful goal, begin by looking at your long-term life goals.  But do not set a huge goal such as “I am going to run a marathon” and leave it at that.  That in itself is quite daunting!  First, set smaller goals to lead up to the bigger goal and you will be more successful. For example, begin by writing down how many miles you want to run or how long you want to run on any given day. Or print off a marathon-training schedule.  Then do it!


You might need to adjust your goals from time to time and that’s okay, in-fact it’s good. It shows you are always evolving, becoming better, and recognizing what you are capable of.  Don’t give up on your goals because you have a bad day or your situation changes.  Just adjust them so that you can still achieve them, even if takes longer than anticipated.  If you feel like you can’t accomplish a goal that you have tried for years without success, you need to uncover what is holding you back.  When you uncover it, you will be able to master any area of your life and set goals that are right for you and make them happen!  As you achieve your goals, your bliss will only grow and you will become even more centered and balanced.