In 2017 would you like to achieve more of your goals with more ease and joy?


Happy Holidays!  I hope you have been having a wonderful Holiday Season.   I can’t believe I’m saying this, but in just a few days we are beginning a new year! This is the time when we are filled with the feelings of unlimited possibilities, new beginnings, and excitement for what we can achieve.  Would you like to ensure that you meet more of your goals this year?  Would you like to achieve them with more ease and joy?


Did you know that you are more likely to achieve your goals more quickly and easily if you are joyful?  Studies have shown that happy people are higher achievers than their less happy counterparts.  So, if you really want to make this year one of achievement and gratification, the first goal you need to focus on is setting your foundation of Bliss. Bliss is a deep sense of joy, contentment, and confidence with whatever is happening in your life.  Whether you are wanting to start exercising, write more, make more money, grow your business, or even just stop biting your fingernails, the potential for failure may feel overwhelming.  But if you first focus on creating emotional balance and joy in your life, you are much more likely to achieve all your goals this year and in the future.  


When you have bliss, you will be able to accept who you are, to own the power you have, and activate your highest potential because you are emotionally centered.  Make your goal of bliss #1 this new year before you attempt other goals.  Release what is holding you back.  Allow yourself to find and keep bliss as your #1 goal this year and then make all your other goals aligned with this #1 priority.  If you set your goals this way you are much more likely to have a successful year.  And better yet, you will have a year of fun, joy, and fulfillment.


Bill Copeland said, “The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” Have you ever known someone without direction or been someone without direction?  You move somewhat mindlessly through life without goals or purpose and aren’t able to find any kind of satisfaction or bliss.  If you set and keep goals, you are more likely to know what you really want out of life.  You are able to feel that confidence gained by keeping a goal, no matter how big or small.  You are able to live with more purpose and be in a state of bliss that is easier to maintain.


 When you set goals you manage your time better because you are eager to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself.  They keep you focused on what is truly important to you.  Goals help you to become your best self and to achieve a state of bliss that will allow your emotions to be stable and your mind to be calm.  When you are on the path of a goal you will feel confident in your direction and gain confidence that will transfer into all aspects of your life.  You will be able to unlock and move past the things that are holding you back from bliss.  You will be able to take charge of your life in a new way that will be long-lasting and fulfilling.  Whatever is holding you back from achieving your goals; whether they are big goals or small goals, you can choose to overcome it.  Choose to be the best version of yourself and to be goal oriented and directed so that you can live a truly fulfilling life in 2017!