Aligning your Life with your Core Values

As Roy Disney once said, “It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are”. Whenever speaking about bliss, the first area that one needs to address, is the topic of values. To feel true bliss, you need to align yourself with your own personal values.

Aligning your Life with your Values

So, is your life aligned with your values? The main issue when it comes to answering this question is that most people are not even aware of what their core values are. Therefore, its important to take time and reflect on what these core values are.

Think back to a situation where you should have been happy. You were making decent money, doing what you thought you were supposed to be doing, but you were still not content. You were just going through the motions. Does this sound familiar?

Sometimes, there is an internal battle between what we think we should be doing, what others expect us to do, and of course what our core values are. Doing things that are not aligned with your core values will lead to discontent and unhappiness. What is most important to you is determined by your core values and when you deviate from that, you are likely to have problems.

Aligning your Values with the Focus of your Business

When it comes to business, you need to ensure your values are aligned with the focus of your business. I used to be an executive coach who dealt with CEO’s and I gained a deep understanding of why they couldn’t expand their businesses.

We delved into the many topics which I have explained in my book about what they were searching for in their own lives and the reasons they were not getting them. The question is what did they have to give up for their businesses that may have caused conflict with their personal value system?

There are so many psychological limitations that stop us from achieving our goals in our personal and business life. Many of those CEO’s were able to break through and come out stronger than before.

Aligning your Values in your Personal Life

Paying attention to your values in your personal life is equally important. Say for example you meet someone and they really seem interesting, like the kind of person you can see yourself hanging out with. However, as you gradually get to know them better, you notice they don’t really align with your core values. You continue being friends or in a relationship, but you will never truly be happy in the relationship if it doesn’t align with your core values.