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How to Make Every Morning a Blissful One – Part 5

For the last few weeks we’ve discussed how to wake up in the flow each morning. Today let’s discuss how to energize your body to get going on your day.

Drink Water

By the time you wake up, if you’ve slept through the night, your body feels dehydrated.  Drinking water immediately upon waking will help to re-energize it.  To do this, leave a glass of water by your bed when you go to sleep at night.  In the morning it will be at room temperature.  When you wake up just drink that whole glass of water.  Since it is at room temperature, it won’t shock your body and you will feel re-energized immediately.

Breathe properly

I’m sure you know that how you breathe can affect your energy and emotions. I believe the importance of breath cannot be overstated. It is the fastest, easiest way to energize your body and uplift your mood anytime, anywhere.

You can start by doing the Ocean Breath technique. Take deep, slow, long inhales through your nose and exhale out naturally and slowly through your mouth. Notice how this creates the sounds of rolling waves on a beach. Repeat this breath 10 times at least.

If you want a more energizing breath, you can do the Breath of Fire. Start by panting as a dog would, with an open mouth. Next, close your mouth and continue the panting but through the nose. Do two or three sets of 10 breaths to start. Pause between the sets and take some deep breaths. This style of breathing brings oxygen to the brain and helps you wake up and feel more alert.


So, what’s next?

Take a look again all of the things you do in your morning.  Are they serving you? How can they serve you better?  If you find you want to add new things into your morning routine, don’t get carried away and add too much too fast.  Add a few things at a time. Let each addition become a habit before you anything more.  And be careful of things that add big chunks of time to your morning schedule.  You don’t want to overwhelm yourself. Try these techniques for a month and see how your life begins to change.  See how much more bliss your days become.

In the next post I’m going to share how to add a fast, nutritious, energizing breakfast into your schedule that will support you as you get going on your day. See you then!