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How to Make Every Morning a Blissful One – Part 1

Don’t you deserve to have productive, successful, invigorating, blissful days? Each of those days starts with a morning. Are your mornings serving you? Are you having the kind of days you love? If not, you can create mornings that will set you up for success and bliss, every single day…consistently.

I myself am not a morning person at all. So I fought developing a morning routine for a long time. But my coaches kept reminding me that having one in place can have so many benefits:

  • A morning routine removes the need to think too much in the morning when your brain isn’t yet in gear (a key factor for me!).
  • You are secure in the knowledge that if you follow your routine you will be out the door on time every single day, which makes you less stressed.
  • Giving a routine to everyone in your family, including the kids, can help them to be less stressed also.
  • Everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing, so there’s a better chance of a shout free morning.

Based on these positives, I finally created one for myself. To my delight I found having a morning routine has made my days much more blissful and successful.

Before I say anymore, the first thing I want you to realize is that you already have a morning routine. It may not be a conscious one or seem like a routine, but we all have a “way” that we start our days. Let’s take a look at yours.

  • How many hours do you usually sleep at night?
  • What time do you usually wake up in the morning?
  • How do you wake up in the morning and to what?
  • What do you do right after you wake up?
  • What does the rest of your morning look like?

This is how my mornings go:

  1. I wake up at 8am to a customized alarm sound and push snooze (I get one snooze each morning)
  2. Take dog out
  3. Snuggle in bed saying things that I am grateful for
  4. Drink glass of water of room temperature water
  5. Use the restroom
  6. Shower
  7. Get dressed
  8. Feed my dog
  9. Prepare and drink a yummy, protein rich smoothie
  10. Take my dog for walk to a coffee shop with my husband
  11. Hang out at coffee shop for 20 minutes
  12. Walk dog home
  13. Stretch/dancing meditation for 20 minutes
  14. Start work at 10am
  15. Turn on my computer and read some inspirational quotes
  16. Begin my workday

Now, it’s your turn. Write down what you are doing each morning. If you aren’t sure, pay attention for the next week and take notes. Notice your inconsistencies, what you do that you love, the things that stress you out, and the things that help relieve morning stress. In the next article you will start looking at how to adjust what you are doing, a little bit at a time, to make it serve you better. Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to add any time to your morning routine. Not until you are ready.  My goal here is to help you adjust what you are doing so you have more joyful mornings immediately without adding any stress at all.

This is Part I of a 6 part series on How to Make Every Morning a Blissful One. Join me next week for Part 2.