It Hit Me Like a Rock

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The other day I was in my dance studio spinning with my veils, feeling the fabric swish around me, getting light headed from the spinning.  I just started veil dancing again, so I am not yet used to it enough that I don’t get dizzy.  Anyways, as I was spinning to the music an idea dropped on me like something just hit my head.  It made me even more dizzy, so I had to stop dancing.

In that moment it occurred to me that my mission is to help people find bliss in every aspect of their lives.  And one of the biggest areas my bliss skills help me is in my real estate business.  I really am a blissful real estate investor, and not many investors can say that.  I love my real estate business and all that it supports in my life.  I love all the properties I own, and more interestingly, I absolutely LOVE all my tenants.  You should see the looks on the faces of other landlords when I tell them that.  They all immediately say “you are so lucky.”

But the truth is, I’m not as lucky as I am prepared.  I’ve developed a specific system that I follow to keep my real estate business blissful.  Does that mean there are never problems?  No, it doesn’t.  Every business has challenges.  But what it does mean is that I am able to deal with the problems quickly and effectively because I approach them from a problem solving perspective rather than from a stressed out landlord perspective.  Because I’m not stressed out.

The thing that hit me while I was dancing is that there are so many people who need this information.  Many people have an interest in investing in real estate, but the idea itself stresses them out.  What if they knew they could run a mostly hands-off, low-stress business that could pay for their kids’ educations and their retirement?

I’m not interested at all in teaching people HOW to buy real estate.  There are a lot of people out there that do that.  But I could teach people how to implement any strategy they choose in a blissful way.  As the music continued to play, I was now dancing with excitement and joy.  This is the most amazing idea.  It couples my two favorite topics together.  I LOVE talking about Real Estate, and I LOVE sharing bliss strategies!
So, I’m not going to stop teaching about bliss.  Don’t worry.  But I am going to add in information on how to run a blissful real estate investing business.  I think it’s going to be crazy fun.  And I’m so excited to share this journey with all of you.  This is going to be an exciting ride!

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  1. Helen B-B
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    I’m looking forward to hearing about bliss in real estate, that would be great!

  2. Sonny
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    I’m a truck driver. One day I was listening to George Nori on coast to coast and their you was speaking about Bliss and how I can be Bliss to I have subscribed to your news letters and I read in how people are being Blissfully happy and read all of their shared stories of being blessed and wonder if also that can be me I’m a hard worker but live a very stressful life the road lets me vent out and release my stress my family and I are going through a tough time financially and emotionally me working so many hours and not having time to spend with them either I’m working or I’m to tired I only sleep about 3 hours a day so I don’t get much rest before I have to be back to work again they tell me it’s ok but I know deep down inside me that it’s not I really need to be bliss or blessed or both but but to know that there is hope out there I keep going and hopefully I will find it one day you are very inspiring for people like me and maybe I’ll be blissfully happy and worry free one day keep up the good work and have a blissfully day

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