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Hi Monica,

I just listened to the recording of the numerology reading you did for me,
and I am astonished at how accurate it was!  It is great to know the
positive and negative aspects of each number and to understand why
different issues we experience come up.  For example, I have been dealing
with negative self-talk and self-doubt all of my life.  I have tried and
tried to overcome it, but it has been so hard.  When you explained that
these issues show up numerous times in my numbers, it tells me that these
issues are a big part of the “curriculum” that I am learning in this life!
It helps me to stop beating myself up about it, and to know that I can
overcome it.

The information you gave me about my maiden name and my married name and
why each family came together was fascinating!  It explains so much about
why I have gone through what I have with each family, and what my role is
in my family.  It is very cool to see that the information you gave me
about each family was SPOT ON, and it helps to know that we all came
together to learn specific things.

It was also interesting to see which numbers don’t appear in my numbers at
all, and that those are specific things I am supposed to learn in this
lifetime.  This issues are exactly what I am dealing with right now, and
it is nice to know that I have handled them well so far.
Thank you so much, Monica, for a fabulous reading!  I appreciate the time
you spent on the reading, and going over it with me!  I had only dabbled
in numerology before, but this reading solidified it all in my mind.
It’s so nice to know that I am “on track”, and I can’t wait to delve even
deeper into the numbers!

I will definitely be recommending you to all of my friends, and I will be
contacting you for more readings for myself as well!  I wish you all the
best!  Take Care!

~Sheila Evans