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Tantra for Leadership:

Step Into Leadership Program

 10 Week Home-Study Program

Tantra is an ancient technology for life mastery so powerful that its understanding gives you command of your energy and the energy around you.


Once we understood that all thoughts are energy, and we can manifest what we focus on, Tantra stepped into the forefront of life and leadership mastery. This has been known by greats leaders since Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich.


Leadership is not just about making speeches, wearing suits, and having a vision. Its foundation is built upon relationships with people and the knowledge of how others think and feel.


In this day and age, we worship knowledge. We think that only the smartest people can be leaders. But knowledge is only in your head. When you can translate that knowledge into your entire being, you begin to understand mastery. Mastery is what you witness in the top leaders around the world.


When you gain mastery, you walk into any space and command it.


Tantra for Leadership is about that mastery. “Step Into Leadership” gives you the edge you need to succeed quickly.


We all know that all success hinges on who you know and how they feel about you. Don’t ignore that knowledge. Instead, embrace it and make it work for you. In “Step Into Your Personal Power” I show you how exactly to do that.


And it will inspire you to live your whole life with a purpose and vitality you had no idea existed.

During the Step Into Leadership program, you will:

  • Become a more self-confidence person.
  • Become a naturally powerful person.
  • Magnetize people and resources to create the life you most desire.
  • Feel happier and more content no matter what is going on.
  • Improve your relationships in all areas of your life.
  • Remove the hidden clutter from your energy field.
  • Have more energy, be in the flow, and feel more enthusiastic!
  • Have more fun!  Feel more passion!  Be more inspired!

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Your Leadership Advocate:  Moneeka Sawyer is a Personal Success Coach and a Tantra Energy Expert who has been coaching executives in the Silicon Valley for over 10 years.  Her unique approach to leadership has helped clients from artists and soloprenuers, to high-tech CEO’s discover their own personal leadership style and create a whole new sense of power, energy, and excitement about their businesses and their lives.  She loves the power, playfulness, and daring of using Tantra to make us all our very best selves.  Moneeka teaches how to understand your own innate energetic make-up for improving communications, creating more fulfilling relationships, and being a more effective leader in all areas of life.