Business Bliss

Moneeka offers workshops and speaking opportunities for companies who want to increase job satisfaction and productivity. Moneeka believes you should run your business in a way that serves the life you deeply desire to live. She teaches business organizations and individuals how to find meaning and passion in their work life.


Topics Include:

  • Passion Management – Your passions play an important role in your business.  If you desire more balance, energy, and alignment with your passions in your work, this is a resourceful training.
  • Value Based Business – Aligning your personal values with business is critical in having a happy career. If your business values and personal values are more congruent, results in your business will catapult.
  • Customers and Service – Your customers are the key to the success in your business. Learn how to partner with your customers so that your business serves them in the highest possible way.
  • Creating the Business Energy, Anytime – The energy we bring to our business is powerful force in sustaining and maintaining success. Learn how to create high energy states easily and effectively using simple methods that can create success in your business.
  • Setting Goals on Purpose – Business goals should be purposely and meaningful. Get clarity and meaning in this training so that you can set strategic goals that get results and maintain business bliss.