Bliss Retreat

  • Do you feel like you have achieved everything you’re supposed to and you’re still not happy?
  • Do you feel stuck, and want to break free?
  • Do you want more meaning in your life?
  • Do you want to stop feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed?

If any of these feelings are familiar to you, change your life forever
by attending the BLISS RETREAT.

  • Imagine living everyday on purpose and on fire.
  • Give yourself permission to catapult yourself into the life you have been dreaming about.
  • Learn how to feel empowered, energized, hopeful, and buoyant.



I define bliss as a state of absolute emotional contentment. It's a place of being in which there is always an underlying feeling of joy, satisfaction, and peace. It doesn't mean that life doesn't still continue to happen. Things still go wrong. We still get hurt or feel sad, angry, scared, or whatever. But If we are living in a state of bliss, we have raised our vibrational bar to a place where no matter what happens in life, it happens above that bar, and we are always able to come back to a place of joy and fulfillment. From this place, we are able to experience life with awe, wonder, curiosity, a sense of learning, and the playfulness of youth.


Would you like to start living your bliss now?

At this retreat we will focus on playing with the Universe. We will be children again, opening our hearts and minds to what the universe has to offer. Discover what makes your heart sing. Set your intention to live in a place of joy, bliss, manifestation, and flow.


Lavish Yourself & Your Life With Love, Playfulness, and Joy! the luxury of taking a few days to nurture you and your dreams
PLAY...and let the universe speak to you the way it did when you were a child.
LEARN...what your purpose is and what might be keeping you from living it. a sacred space designed for play and the creation of your bliss.
CREATE...the joyful foundation for manifesting a life lived in bliss that fulfills your deepest desires.
RECEIVE...the tools you need to maintain this state of bliss in your daily life after you leave the protective space of the retreat.
MANIFEST...the life of your dreams in 2016.


Each day will start with movement to get us into our bodies and open up our creativity. This will include stretching, possibly a short bellydance class (if there is enough interest). This session will go from 9-9:30am.

We will follow our morning wake-up with a discussion and exploration of ideas on what your bliss is, how to attain it, and how to maintain your own personal state of bliss. The morning session will go from 9:30am - noon. There will be a lunch break and then we will go from about 1 - 3pm, take a 15 minute break and then finish the day at 5pm.


The discussions will include topics like:

  • What is your life purpose? We'll use a specific technique so you can see it clearly for the very first time.
  • What are your habits and patterns that are blocking you from living your purpose and stepping into your bliss? What are the small shifts you can make immediately to have a dramatic impact on changing those habits and patterns?
  •  How do my life goals align with my purpose? And if they aren't in alignment, what can I do to get them into alignment so that I can live my life in a state of joy, freedom, and inspiration.
  •  Who is your authentic self and how can you be that person more often.
  • We'll do fun, creative, playful exercises to bring out your most blissful, inspired, and authentic self. This part of your day will surprise and ignite you.
  • Each day ends with some time for quiet contemplation so you can assimilate all that you learned and experienced during the day.