Moneeka's Secret Tool for Staying Calm, Joyful, and Relaxed for the Holidays...

Can you remember the sense of enjoyment and happiness you felt coloring as a child?

From choosing colors to the gentle, repetitive motion of your hands bringing color to the page, coloring can be used as a form of “active meditation.”

Usually when you think of meditation you think being still for a period of time. But active meditation can be just as effective in stilling the mind. Repetitive motions such as coloring (or walking, dancing, or even drawing) can help strengthen your focus and easily shift your mind into a state of relaxation. Stressful thoughts and future worries drift away as you take time to enjoy the present.

When is the last time you have done this for yourself?  Sharing this playful experience can also bring peace and togetherness back into a relationship.  With these delightful mandalas, you can reap all these wonderful benefits.


Give yourself this gift today!

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